Friday, October 31, 2008

Doctor Update

Well after talking to the doctor's office, the specialist is the only one down here that has jurisdictions at the same hospital my ob/gyn does. My doctor said that it was ultimately up to me which endocrinologist I choose, but if I use a different one and end up at a hospital, they couldn't come down here to nederland/pt arthur and he couldn't go up to beaumont. I love my doctor. He is very straight forward and answers any and all questions I have.

After many tears have been shed of not knowing what to do, reading the scriptures, saying our prayers and Adam and Matt giving me a blessing, we have decided that we want my doctors to be able to see me at the hospital and not just some random doctor that I've never met. (Course if my doctor's aren't on call that weekend I understand it might happen anyways...but my chances are better.) We are going to head to the hospital Monday morning and we'll see what happens.

I know people may have doubts and concerns for us and our little family, but we feel that we need to do this for the safety of me and the baby. We appreciate the thoughts and concerns. We have taken everyone's opinions into consideration and I think that is why I have been in tears so much is because I feel torn in several different directions. I feel I need to listen to this person or do what this other person says, but when it all comes down to it, our little family talked about all the different directions we could go and the things we've heard and taken it into consideration. We then prayed about them and we feel this is the best thing for us right now.

I am going to have to miss class, but it's worth it to make sure the baby and me will be okay. Wish us luck and keep us in your prayers. We'll update you next week when get home and let you all know what's going on.


JJB said...

Kimmers & Adam, we love you, and you and your lil family will remain in our prayers until we know all is well! With the Lord on yours side you are going in the best direction...the priesthood is an amazing thing, esp to receive a blessing from your sweetheart. Stay close to your father in heaven, he knows your pain, and sadness. We love you!!! Jan & Jeff We will be praying and thinking only the most positvie thoughts ever!!