Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Sigh of Relief

I went to school this morning and listened to other people give their speeches. It took us two weeks to finish the first speech. Are you kidding me? Two weeks? School is finished in like 8 or 9 weeks. How are we going to have time to do three more speeches when it takes a whole class for him to discuss what we are supposed to put in our speeches. Then two weeks to give a speech. That doesn't give much time at all. Unless the speeches are boom boom boom. Which I hope not. The next speech is a How to. I think I want to do it on how to make cookies. Everyone seems to like mom's cookies a lot. So I think if I have everything measured out and dump it in the bowl and mix it, then have cookies already made I should do pretty decent right? I just don't know if he would appreciate me mixing with a mixer during class. So I am not sure what to do with that there. I guess we shall see.

I also found out that I am being taken off the schedule at work. I know what your thinking. How could the manager not know she is getting taken off the schedule. Well my replacement told my boss I have been sick a lot, so they think it would be best for me not to wait on customers and for her to take over. I am just supposed to be a her disposal when she needs help. I made sure today before I left that she knew that I wouldn't/couldn't always jump right then and run up there when she needs me. I am kinda depressed that now I don't have to go to work, but I am also kinda excited that my set schedule is gone. Well except for school.

Caryn, Janelle, Sunshine and Mom did a great job on Kari's Bridal Shower invitations. The Poem is so cute and the design is too. I'll have to find one and take a picture with my phone or something to show everyone and I'll post the poem too. Well that's that in a nut shell.