Tuesday, October 28, 2008


"Welcome to Family Home Moment" as Michael McLean's wife would say (according to what he said Friday night at TOFW). Well ours was longer than a moment. Matt and Kari said they were going to carve pumpkins and such and I kinda invited Adam and me. I didn't really care about the whole pumpkin carving thing. I just haven't had the seeds in such a long time that I wanted to roast them. But we picked up a pumpkin too at the store and after dinner, we got down to business and started carving. Adam picked out what he wanted to carve on it. Can you guess which one is Matt and Kari's and which one is Adam's and mine?
To see more pictures, you will have to log on to Matt's blog. He has lots of them and a cute video.
Enjoy! That's that in a nut shell.