Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I feel like I need to keep my friends updated and I have no real life anymore so I suppose that means I feel as though I need to post my thoughts and feelings on the blog. It was so nice to knowingly not have to go to work anymore. I nudged Adam when the alarm went off at 7:10 and again at 7:15 and again at 7:20 it seemed like. He likes to sleep as long as he can and I don't blame him. I got to sleep until about 9:30 or so... :)

It is hard for me to believe we are halfway through October. It seems like the days just fly by. Soon we will be at the temple for Kari and Matt's wedding. This year, four Fruge's graduated or will by December and after November 22, two Fruge's were married. It has been a crazy year for us all to say the least. My wedding in March. Crick's graduation in April (or maybe May, I can't remember). Kevin's graduation in May. Kari's graduation in August (she walked in August and will get her actual diploma after she finishes her internship in December). Kari's wedding November 22. Then My graduation in December!!!

I have so many things to do today, but I just don't want to get going. Here it is almost 11 and I still haven't showered. But I do have clothes in the dryer that I want to wear today so I guess that is my excuse. I guess that's that in a nut shell.