Friday, October 3, 2008

I absolutely love...

- twix candy bars
- getting a new hair cut
- getting a pedicure (I miss them)
- watching my mom on the wii fit (its funny how competitive she is [even though she says she isn't])
- cuddling with my husband (he is so sweet and has been so understanding lately)
- getting my siblings approval (it makes me feel good when they agree with me)
- friends checking on me
- feeling Baby Haynes kick
- getting to listen to Baby Haynes heart beat when I go to the doctor
- when Kari asks my opinion of something (it makes me feel important)
- naps
- my nieces and nephews
- having a day off
- cookie dough
- cake batter
- brownie batter
- sleeping in
- looking at baby stuff
- oreos and milk (yum)
- listening to tuck talk on the phone...he's so cute but you can't always understand him
- watching hunter and tucker play baseball on the wii
- having clean sheets on my bed
- getting new shoes

Sadly for now, that is all I can come up with. My strongly dislike post was much longer. Sad day.